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Street Pups Club

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Street Pups Club. Through a long history of serving and fetching for its human masters their plans have finally come full circle. Set 500 years after the human world take-over project, Street Pups Club are now at the top of the food chain.      

Inspired by my very smart dog who stares at me, as if planning something. I swear he is! Anyways, this is our first NFT project to get our feet wet in the Meta slimy juices. To find out more click on the name or the pic. Release date and Whitelist info coming soonish!🐶       

NFT Geek Club

We are a small team who came together to share ideas and resources to enter the new Metaverse. We have big plans for this collaboration as we invite other members and create a great community of creative like minded people.

The Team

A collaboration of messed up individuas passionate about NFTs and the Metaverse. If you want to join the team follow us on Discord.    

The Marketer

Sell me this pen! The idea man, finds new ways to keep this group together with morning doughnuts.

The Coder / Gamer

When I'm not gaming (can't think of a time when I'm not gaming, except when I wrote this) I'm coding and buying NFTs.


The Designer

Living in Hawaii, if this guy is not surfing he is in from on his tablet designing new concepts.